A linear walk from Cam and Dursley Railway Station to Dursley Town Centre
This walk was devised for Christian Aid week 2021 when the emphasis was on access to water.

With the advent of climate change all of us have a responsibility to use water wisely and here in the west we know just how important water is to our health, food and economy. It drove the industrial revolution, through water mills and canals, then steam power. Today we can turn on the tap and get a glass of water any time, make a cup of tea or coffee, take a bath or shower after exercise or just to relax. Consider how much water you use in a day, how many cups of tea etc. and then think about having to carry all that water for miles and how you are going to use it – cooking, washing, watering crops and so on.

This walk can be done as a whole or in sections, some areas are uneven and field walking, other areas are more accessible and on the level.

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